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B.A.P - Crash (English)

Lirik lagu : B.A.P - Crash (English)

It doesn’t make sense, you’re so perfect
My breathing gets quicker – this is a foul
Your eyes, those lips, your everything shakes up my heart

The unforgettable first feeling toward her
Has stolen my heart like a fool

As if my heart is broken, I am ablaze with love
My heart is boom boom beating (and beating)
Please save me – you’re my girl

Help me help me help me
My breaths get quicker when I see you
Help me help me help me
My eyes get blinded when I see you
My heart is boom boom beating as I run and look for you
Where you are – I’ll wait for you

You you you – meeting you was really a huge thing
No matter what, I want to get to know you
I’m like Conan – you probably don’t know how I feel
I keep thinking of you – you even made me forget about my first love
Even if you keep telling me to go away, I will tell you that you’re my everything
Cause I Love You Girl

* Repeat

** Repeat

*** Repeat

She makes it seem like I can touch her but then gets farther away
Please just give me one chance
If you can hear my heart, please answer me

** Repeat

*** Repeat